Voice Over / Podcast Editing / Audio Restoration / Audio Forensics Services


Providing Services For:
Businesses, Authors, Motivational Speakers, Online Radio, Churches, Commercials, DJ Drops, Podcasts, Sound Design & Audio Forensics.



Voice Over Production / Editing Services includes:

  • Removing mouth clicks, pops, sibilance & page-turns
  • Eliminating hiss, hum & electronic noise
  • File separation, file transfer & file naming
  • Dialogue editing & selecting the best takes
  • Sound design & sound effects
  • Matching recordings from different days
  • Audio restoration
  • Audio forensics

Audio Restoration:

Is a generalized term for the process of removing imperfections (such as hiss, impulse noise, crackle, wow and flutter, background noise, and mains hum) from sound recordings. Audio Restoration can be performed directly on the recording medium (for example, washing a gramophone record with a cleansing solution), or on a digital representation of the recording using a computer (such as an AIFF or WAV file).

Audio Forensics:
Includes specialized signal processing for recovering speech or images masked by distortion or background sounds.

Podcast Editing:

  • Editing out/removing “mouth clicks” (smacking), heavy breaths, long pauses, pops, sibilance, page-turns etc.
  • Audio Enhancements Techniques including: vocal balancing, compression, equalization & noise reduction (hiss, hum & electronic noise removal).
  • Blending your intro, outro, music bumbers and or commercials.
  • Adding Album Art, Title & SEO Tags.
  • Mixdown to -16 LUFS audio standard.
  • High Quality MP3 conversion.
  • Upload to Dropbox etc.