Royer Bows R-122 MKII Ribbon Mic



Originally Posted by 5-20-15

Burbank, CA (May 20, 2015)— Royer Labs has released its R-122 MKII phantom-powered ribbon microphone, intended for miking acoustic instruments and other sources with low SPL characteristics, as well as high SPL instruments like electric guitar.

The R-122 MKII is essentially an R-122 with two additional features: (1) a switchable -15 dB pad and (2) a switchable bass cut filter. The switchable -15 dB Pad allows for high SPL recordings with no microphone distortion or preamplifier overload, useful for close miking electric guitars. The pad is positioned before any of the microphone’s electronics, reducing potential for headroom-related distortion. With the pad engaged, the R-122 MKII has 2 dB lower output than the company’s R-121 microphone.

The MKII’s switchable bass cut filter is positioned at 100 Hz (6 dB per octave). When activated, this filter helps reduce the excess low end created by proximity effect, the bass buildup commonly experienced during close miking of vocals and acoustic instruments.

The R-122 MKII utilizes a low mass, 2.5-micron, pure (99.99%) aluminum ribbon element in Royer’s patented offset-ribbon transducer assembly, which is common to all Royer R-series microphones. The microphone’s sensitivity is accomplished by the utilization of a special Royer-designed toroidal transformer which delivers 13 dB higher output with no additional self-noise being generated. The toroidal transformer also gives the R-122 MKII a faster transient response than traditional ribbon mics.

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